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Dentalogos Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dentalogos Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Dentalogos Oral and Dental Health Clinic
Dentalogos Oral and Dental Health Clinic
Laser Applications in Dentistry
Laser Applications in Dentistry

The development of laser technology has enabled it to be used in many medical treatments. Laser technology is used in preventive treatments, restorative treatments and diagnostic processes in dentistry and increases the comfort of patients. Along with laser application performed in the intraoral parts, disinfection and sterilization are facilitated; a spot-on treatment can be provided since the power of laser beam can be adjusted; procedures such as tooth bleaching can be accelerated, and the post-operative complaints of patients such as pain and edema can be reduced.

We, as Denta Logos, aim to provide our patients with the advantages of laser applications in our dental services. Therefore, we follow closely the most advanced technologies and adapt to innovations that will bring absolute success in our diagnostic and treatment processes.

Laser Applications in Dentistry

The following can be shown as examples of laser applications that have started to be used for the purpose of protecting and improving oral and dental health and gradually become widespread:

  • Use of laser technology during cavity preparation in the composition of filling
  • Use of laser technology in cleaning tooth surface
  • Use of laser technology for gum shaping in aesthetic gingival procedures
  • Use of laser technology in the treatment of gingival pigmentation
  • Use of laser technology in endodontic diagnosis
  • Use of laser technology in root canal treatment
  • Use of laser technology in soft tissue surgery
  • Use of laser technology in reducing tooth sensitivity
  • Use of laser technology in AFT treatments
  • Use of laser technology in dentin roughening
  • Use of laser technology in early diagnosis of caries
  • Use of laser technology in jawbone surgery
What are the Advantages of Dental Laser Applications?

Laser applications increase the comfort of patients as in all medical fields in which they are used. The advantages of dental laser applications can be illustrated as follows:

  • The risk of infection is minimized during laser applications.
  • Wounds heal faster after laser applications.
  • As laser beams can be adjusted based on the procedure to be performed, damage to surrounding tissues is prevented. Laser technology, which creates fewer traumas than traditional treatment methods, reduces the prejudice of patients against dental services.
  • Laser technology decreases the chance of bleeding in soft tissue treatments.
  • Anesthesia is not required before many applications performed with laser technology. Laser technology provides a painless and acheless treatment management.

Denta Logos brings the comfort of laser applications together with its valuable patients. We maintain to serve you to protect and improve your oral and dental health with our staff of experts.

Dental Laser Treatments

We use state-of-art technology and the most modern devices in our treatments…

Medical treatments are now becoming more comfortable for patients with laser technology. Thanks to the laser technology used in various applications of cosmetic dentistry, the procedures can be completed in a shorter time with a high success rate.

We, as Denta Logos, receive assistance from all kinds of technologies that will increase the comfort of our patients and the success of their treatment. We increase the comfort of periodontal treatments by using the latest and cutting-edge devices. We share the advantages of laser technology and carry out more comfortable treatment processes.

What are Dental Laser Treatments?

Laser technology enables to perform most of dental procedures. Laser treatment is commonly used in the following areas;

  • Tooth bleaching processes within the scope of cosmetic dentistry,
  • Bone abrasion during impacted tooth extraction,
  • Increasing the success rate of root canal treatment and reducing the risk of complications,
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity,
  • Dental implant surgery,
  • Herpes labialis and AFT treatments,
  • Surgical interventions to the bones,
  • Removal of gingival stains,
  • Aesthetic gingival operations and
  • Periodontal diseases.
What are the Advantages of Laser Technology in Dentistry?

Laser technology, which is applied alone or in support of traditional treatments, brings many advantages in the field of dentistry. The main advantages of treatments with laser technology can be listed as follows:

  • Laser technology reduces the requirement of anesthesia because it allows painless and acheless procedures.
  • Many patients with periodontal disease are biased against traditional treatment methods. Sometimes the fear of treatment outweighs so much that treatment processes cannot be applied. As laser technology is more comfortable, it decreases the patient’s fear of treatment.
  • Dental laser applications minimize the complications such as bleeding and edema during soft tissue treatments.
  • The healing process is faster than traditional treatment methods, because the tissues are exposed to fewer traumas during laser treatments.
  • The risk of infection is minimized after laser dental treatment.
  • Laser technology can be safely used in both children and adults.

We, as Denta Logos, always use state-of-art technologies and the most modern devices for the treatments of our patients. Thus, we eliminate their concerns about treatment, provide our patients to experience a more comfortable treatment process and ensure that they also feel more comfortable in the post-treatment process. You can contact us to apply to Denta Logos’s expertise and benefit from our laser technology-assisted treatments.